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My name is Señora Giselle E Mora  I am originally from Costa  Rica  and I am so  pleased to be your Spanish teacher this upcoming year. I am very excited to start my year at Ford High School, and I am looking forward to teaching and developing language skills with you. Learning a foreign language is fun and it provides many benefits. It is not just about listening, speaking, reading and writing, but also about gaining knowledge and understanding different nation(s), its people, its culture, and its customs.What an amazing year is ahead of us!
My Conference Time 10:34-11:24am


1st Period Spanish 1         7:50-8:40 am

2nd Period Spanish 1        8:44-9:35 am

3rd Period  Spanish 3         9:38-10:30 am

5th Period Spanish 1          11:28-12:58 pm

6th Period Spanish 1          1:02- 1:52 pm

7th Period  Spanish 4         1:56-2:46 pm

8th Period  Spanish 1         2:50-3:40 pm


 BA National University of Costa Rica
 BA  North Texas University (UNT)
 Member :Sociedad Nacional Honorifica Hispanica.