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About me:

  • Bachelor's degree in Physics (minor in Astronomy) from Texas A&M- Commerce
  • Research- Analyzed data on Nuclear White Dwarfs- published a poster on my work and went to several Conferences for Undergraduate Women in Physics (CUWiP conferences) to present my research
  • I have experience with Nanotechnology and IT Sciences, as well as an extensive background in general information-
      • I'm always happy to answer questions- if I don't know what the answer is, I will find you an answer!
  • Single mom- My son is 7 years old (turns 8 in February) and is exceptionally gifted. He enjoys programming games (yes, seriously- he likes to code), loves building things (he built a working Lego catapult when he was 2).... it is absolutely fascinating watching him grow up. 
  • I share a house with my mother and step-father. My mother teaches ELAR Resource at the middle school in Terrell, and her husband is a computer science teacher out at Coppell High School
  • Born in Warren, Pennsylvania (right near Lake Erie)
  • I love Astrophysics! Star gazing, galaxy patterns, NASA memorabilia, etc. 
  • I love reading, too! I have a full library of books at home and will have a small library in my classroom for students to borrow from. 
  • I have one dog, Duke (we adopted him from the local animal shelter and didn't want to change his name), who looks an awful lot like a dingo
  • I have one cat, a long haired Russian Blue, Cassie (named after the constellation Cassiopeia) who struggles with anxiety (I affectionately refer to her as Anxie-Kitty) 
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  • Alumni: A&M University- Commerce