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About Me:
My name is Cody "Doc" Walls. I am the Athletic Trainer and Sports Medicine Instructor for QISD. I have been an Athletic Trainer since 2008 and an EMT since 2005. During my career I have worked EMS in both hospital and pre-hospital settings. I have taught adult learning in Trauma Life Support (ITLS), Pediatric Emergencies (PEPP), and Basic Life Support. 
Has an Athletic Trainer my primary setting has been working in secondary schools. Other settings I have worked in include college sports, professional sports, rodeo, and industrial. In 2016 I began working in the industrial setting where I leveraged my skills in sports medicine to prevent on the job injuries and provide evaluation and treatment for those that did occur. In 2020 I decided to return to where my passion is; caring for youth athletes to help them safely participate in physically strenuous activities.
Daily Schedule:
  • 6:30 A.M. Morning Treatment
  • 1st Period: 7:40 - 8:33  9th Grade Boys / 8th Girls Athletics
  • 2nd Period: 8:38 - 9:31 Conference
  • 3rd Period: 9:36 - 10:32 Sports Medicine I
  • 4th Period: 10:37 - 11:30 Sports Medicine II
  • 5th Period: 11:35 - 1:13 Varsity / JV Boys Athletics / 7th Girls Athletics / Sports Medicine III
  • 6th Period: 1:18 - 2:11 Athletic Training Office
  • 7th Period: 2:16 - 3:08 Athletic Training Office
  • 8th Period: 3:13 - 4:05 High School Girls Athletics / Middle School Boys Athletics
  • All After School Sports Practices/Games until done.
Henderson State University - B.S. Athletic Training - August 2008