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  Nathan Griffin is an agricultural science teacher at Ford High School in Quinlan, Texas.  Mr. Griffin teaches grade levels 9-12.  The courses he teaches are advance animal science, livestock production, agricultural equipment design and fabrication, and agriculture facility design and fabrication.  He is highly skilled in his field of education.  His dedication to his students and knowledge is what sets him apart from anybody else. 
  Mr. Griffin is a Ford High School alumnus.  He finished his undergraduate degree in 2011 at Texas A&M University - Commerce, Bachelor of Science in Animal Science.  Mr. Griffin is also passionate about the cattle industry.  During his free time he enjoys working with cattle, volunteering at Vansickle Baptist Church and spending time with his wife.  He is a well rounded individual who lives with passion, and dedication for public education.
Conference Time: 2nd period
Office phone: 903-356-1671
Class Schedule:
1st Livestock Production
2nd Conference
3rd Ag. Equipment Des.
4th Adv. Animal Science
5th Livestock Production
6th Ag. Structure Des.
7th Ag. Structure Des.
Alumni:  Texas A&M Commerce