Welcome! I teach Principles of Law, Law Enforcement 1, Law Enforcement 2, ISS, and Career Prep.

My conference time is 1st period
Law Enforcement 1 is  2nd period
Principles of Law       is 3rd period
Career Prep               is 4th period
In School Suspension is 5th period
Law Enforcement 2     is 6th period
Principles of Law     is     7th period
Career prep field work is 8th period
I attended Triton College, in River Grove, IL and I graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington, with a BS in Criminal Justice and a Minor in Political Science.  I have also graduated from both the Lancaster Fire Dept. fire academy and the Dallas Fire Dept. training academy as a certified fire fighter. In addition to the two fire academies I graduated from, I also studied Fire Protection Technology at El Centro College, in Dallas, TX.  I have also graduated from the University of Texas Health Science (Dallas) as an Emergency Medical Technician-Basic and also as a Paramedic.  Lastly, I am still a working police officer (I work part-time as a patrol officer).  I graduated from the Cedar Valley College Law Enforcement Academy.  I hold a Peace Officers' license and certification. In addition, I am certified by the State of Texas in the following areas:
Basic Peace Officer Certification
Intermediate Peace Officer Certification
Advanced Peace Officer Certification
Master Peace Officer Certification
Sexual Assault/ Family Violence Investigator
Homeowner's Insurance Inspector
Crime Prevention Inspector
Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Practitioner
Basic Instructor Proficiency
Mental Health Officer
Academic Recognition Award
According to the Texas Commission of Law Enforcement, I currently hold 5430 total training hours from education and course hours.