Ford High School

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Principal's Message

As the Principal of Ford High School, it is my honor to welcome each of our education shareholders to the 2018-19 academic year.  I would like to invite all parents, family, teachers, and community members to become a part in the shared vision of learning and discovery for all students at Ford High.  I encourage all students to become an active participant in the proud traditions of academic excellence, athletic achievement, and social awareness that exist in Panther Country.
The teachers at Ford HS are focused on providing effective and collaborative instruction that meets the academic goals for students of all learning preferences.  The staff members are committed to building and expanding upon the established climate of learning and the culture of involvement.  The administrative team is poised to recognize the achievements of all students, and to help guide students as they follow their individual learning paths. And we are confident that the parents and community of Ford High School will join us in our shared vision.
There are exciting and inspiring programs going on at Ford High this year.  I encourage everyone to be a part of our mission of excellence.
Mr. Donald Merkel
Ford High School